Real estate litigation often involves very delicate deadlines, notice and disclosure requirements, and strict procedures set by the courts.  Our law firm handles breach of contract claims, construction defect litigation, fraud claims, boundary disputes, and adverse possession matters when it comes to litigation.  Regardless of whether the issue is related to nondisclosure or inaccurate disclosure of financial information (or other critical business information), unfair negotiation, or violation of the lease, sale, and purchase agreements, our firm uses the full range of available remedies – from resolution under the UCC to pursuit of contract and tort claims through litigation.

The Law Office of Freddie Alikhani provides comprehensive legal advice in litigation, arbitration, administrative and environmental disputes to help our clients make timely and informed decisions on various real estate disputes.  Freddie Alikhani has in-depth knowledge of real estate law and strives to resolve our clients’ transactions successfully.  Our success stems from careful analysis of clients’ real estate records and transaction histories to protect them from potential liability.  We believe that clients can and should take an active part in their case to succeed and resolve complex issues.  We rely on our strength of character and talents to bring the best of our firm to every client through true collaboration.

Our law firm can help you resolve your dispute through negotiation, mediation, arbitration, or litigation if needed.  We provide helpful advice if a dispute or legal action stems from undisclosed property defects, construction defects, or similar issues.  As part of our services, we can provide essential services for title checks and resolving disputes and litigation due to lack of title.  Contact us for your free case evaluation if you face a lawsuit related to a defect in the property you have sold or want to file an action against a seller you believe has committed a nondisclosure fraud.

The Law Office of Freddie Alikhani will protect your interests in the property if you find yourself in the middle of an intractable legal dispute or if you have been mistreated in connection with a real estate transaction and will ensure that your rights are adequately represented and protected.

Our firm will be on your side no matter what aspect of real estate law you need help with, whether it’s legal disputes, liability disputes, license hearings, or transactional issues.  Contact us to schedule a no-obligation free consultation of your case.

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