The Law Office of Freddie Alikhani can help commercial or residential owners understand their legal options and take action to safeguard their interests. Our law firm can assist owners in various areas of landlord and tenant law, including but not limited to disputes that may arise in these areas.  We will provide full representation for landlords in Southern California.  Our law firm can help draft and review commercial or residential lease agreements for landlords and tenants to ensure all potential legal issues are addressed and resolved before either party signs the contract.

Our office will help you understand your rights as a tenant or landlord, and we can help determine the law that applies to your landlord-tenant relationship and help you achieve a profitable outcome. In addition, a lawyer may try to contact the landlord for you, explore a quick settlement, and, if necessary, sue the landlord.

The law office of Freddie Alikhani can help the landlord when the tenant has violated the agreement, does not pay the required rent, uses the property for illegal purposes, or holds the lease without paying the rent and becomes a violator. As far as tenants are concerned, we can help tenants when they are discriminated against, the landlord illegally evicts; when the landlord does not make necessary repairs to get a livable place, the tenant was injured due to the title, and when the owner terminated the lease.

It is also beneficial for the owner to know what can and cannot cover the security deposit. If any repairs go unaddressed and make the property inhabitable, such as a broken air conditioner or mold problems, the tenant can terminate the lease and find a different housing situation; he can withhold rent until the problem is fixed, or they could have repaired, pay for it, and deduct that amount from the rent.

Landlords usually need to notify the tenant before entering an apartment. Landlords must go through proper legal procedures to evict a tenant. California prohibits self-help evictions. There are laws to ensure that any eviction follows a fair trial that protects tenants and homeowners.

Of course, not all disputes are quickly resolved with a simple conversation with the homeowner. There are also several reasons you can sue your tenant and need a lawyer. If you feel that your landlord is discriminating against you, you may need a lawyer to stop the illegal activities and help you make up for any damage you may have.

Even if your landlord uses the proper legal channels to evict, having a compassionate tenant lawyer by your side may be the difference between keeping your home and ending up on the street.  Whether you are a petty tenant or a landlord dealing with uncompromising tenants, you need a knowledgeable lawyer in residential real estate when a dispute arises. If you are a tenant facing unlawful eviction or violation of your rights, or you are a landlord who is concerned about your tenant responsibility, please contact the Law Office of Freddie Alikhani to help protect your Equity finance and your home. As a renter in California, you may face many situations where you are about to have disputes with your landlord.

If the dispute between the landlord and the tenant concerns the lease of a dwelling or commercial lease, the result of an eviction request, the issue of the responsibility of the signatory, refund of the security deposit, maintenance of the property, or any other matter arising from the lease of the party, both the landlord and the tenant, have the rights provided by law. From reviewing leases to signing them to helping with eviction cases, our law firm can work with both parties to a case.

If your landlord attempts to violate these rights or is involved in any other dispute with your landlord, contact the Law Office of Freddie Alikhani for your free case evaluation. Landlords should also consult with our law firm if they have ever been investigated for illegal discrimination, tenant eviction, personal injury claim, property damage claim, anti-libel or defamation action, or when they are about to go to small claim courts.

If you are a landlord dealing with a client who does not pay rent, damages property, or otherwise violates the law or lease, we can help you with a quick and efficient eviction.  At the Law Office of Freddie Alikhani, we provide unparallel representation to landlords and tenants in various legal disputes, including evictions.

Our law firm can represent clients ranging from the large shopping center, commercial buildings to anchorages and small tenants.  Our knowledge in real estate law and real estate litigation will provide you with the personalized and quality assistance and tools you deserve. We hope to help you with your real estate matters and beyond by making the process as smooth and straightforward as possible. If you are facing eviction or your tenant has violated the terms of your lease, we can help you with these problems or any other problems you may have. Contact us to schedule a no-obligation free consultation of your case.

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